Technoise formed its main identity by addressing all the subtitles of electronic music behind the scenes; like the lives of artists off the stage, and the dynamics of the entertainment industry, through interviews with DJs / Producers who are experts in their fields on the radio, which was the first platform where music met the audience in electronic media in 1910. Under the leadership of Kiper and Fırat Deniz; who studied radio programming and diction, and who has advanced production and musical instrument knowledge respectively, Technoise has gained a wide team with the formation of visual design, moving visual design, information processing and brand representation divisions over time. It has evolved from the radio station where it broadcasted as a program, into an internet radio and media organization that has been separated from the radio station with its registered name right by the Turkish Patent Institute. Technoise Radio is a self-sufficient, young and dynamic team of 16 people, with an administrative staff of 8 people and Resident DJs of 8 people. It aims deliver art through art with the priority of a free working environment. While, Technoise Radio continues to work as an internet radio with 24/7 electronic music broadcasting with listeners from various parts of the world, Technoise Media also; provides support services in all matters including PR studies, website design, social media support and digital video/image design.


Technoise, whose seeds were sown in late 2018, officially started broadcasting as the first and only electronic music program on Ankara’s local radio channel, with the joint venture of Fırat Deniz Müftüoğlu and İbrahim Kiper at the beginning of the 2019 season. With its wide music pool consisting of various colors such as Techno, IDM and house sub-styles, it broadcasted electronic music uninterrupted for 14 hours a week at 96.6 frequency on Fridays and Saturdays between 21.00-04.00.
During this period, Technoise, which consists of two main parts in addition to the music broadcast, offered its listeners a pleasant conversation about electronic music with the Studio Talks Program, and the one-hour set performances of the artists it hosted in the Mix Factory Program were brought to the listeners through its channel.
At the same time, it is aimed to hold 2 parties a year, one in autumn and one in the first spring, within the scope of the program. In this context, the team came together with its audience at the “Technoise Premiere” and “Technoise Radio Showcase” events.
After it started broadcasting with its own broadcasting principles as Internet Radio, it has created and broadcasted programs of many musical styles in order to appeal to a wide audience as “Daily Programs” and “Showcase Programs” every day of the week.
Technoise, in today’s programs; House, Synthwave, Disco, Lo-Fi, Elektro Jazz and Tekno and their varieties Tech-House, Dub Tekno, Industrial Techno and their genres offer a colorful music menu to its listeners.
The team, which has its own design identity, also provides media support to 3rd party organizations through art directors.

To be a common platform where electronic music artists and organizations  meet with the audience.



Promoting electronic music culture and its products firstly to Turkey then to the world as an art form curated by Technoise Radio.